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Holy Pepper

Art direction: Fuya studios
Photography: Yuval co Model: Estee Diskind Makeup: Anna Drizo
Creative production for the Fuya studios -Holy Pepper is a visual story about my inner demons, our inner demons,  the ones that catch us unprepared - as if one can prepare oneself for such a visit.
Routine has become plateau, peace and quiet are a blessing and a drama-free daily lifestyle seems like what society thrives for. 
Every now and then, though, no matter what happens around me - whether good or bad, happy or sad - a demon comes to visit, unnoticed.
Sometimes I call it anxiety, other times simply disturbing thoughts, but most of the times I need to face an abstract fear that slices my chest open and makes me scream in pain so loud to the skies, that it feels as though I’ve swallowed the hottest pepper ever harvested, awakening all of my senses and leaving me with nothing else but the despaired urge to speak to God.
With time I’ve learnt not only to co-live with my hot peppers, my personal inner demons, but also to respect them and understand that without them I wouldn’t be who I am.

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