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Art direction: Fuya studios
Photography: Yuval co Model: Tianyu MC models Makeup: Tamara Cohen Clothes: Shahar Avnet

Life in Tel Aviv has a very unique odour, every neighborhood has one of its own as well. The south of the city smells like construction ashes and grass, the city center smells like cannabis and dog feces, and the north smells like coffee beans and asphalt. I have a certain fondness for each of these smells, but a new laundry house recently opened right under my apartment and something in that fondness’ balance changed immediately when that happened.
Lately, I don’t run around the whole city from morning until late night hours, and I am rather inhaling one strong fragrance all day long - the one of glorious fresh laundry.
That wonderful clean aroma accompanies me through most of my waking hours and has begun pouring itself into my dreams at night - my head gets drowned in that gentle, peaceful turquoise tone of the laundry softener, and colorful soap bubbles float in the back of my mind, where countless of cleaning bottles are laying around.
I awake into another new day in the scent of splendid clean clothes while trying to avoid straight eye contact with the bundle of my dirty washing that keeps growing all the time in the corner of my room.


Bubbles featured on Know Magazine
print edition of January 2021  

4G2A1681 bubbles.jpg
4G2A1477 -2.jpg
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